Frequently Asked Question

Frequently Asked Question

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What’s the best time to photograph kids?
  • Newborn photography is best within 2 weeks of birth
  • Toddler photography is best within 5 months to 2 years 
  • For cake smash you can do monthly or at the time of 1st birthday of baby
  • A newborn setup can include some specific background on a beanbag, wooden bowls etc. It can also include wraps, bonnets, headbands, etc. 
  • A toddler setup can include backgrounds, props. If you have a baby girl the set includes specially designed cloths and if you have a baby boy set includes creative tie, bow, specs, suspenders etc. 
  • A cake smash setup includes backdrops, balloons, paper fans, pom pom etc. It can be done indoor or outdoor according to lighting and weather conditions. 
  • Setups and photographic equipments (any special request for setup or props shall need to be discussed in advance). 
  • Time and talent of Shital photo team. (before, during and after the photo session) 
  • Artistic editing and retouching of the final portraits which are selected by our photographers. 
  • Use of our extensive collection of fine quality outfits and accessories for sessions including baby girl’s outfit with accessories, wrapping for newborn, accessories for newborn etc.

Once you have gone through the entire details of all packages, you may get in touch with us if any questions remain unanswered. Once all your doubts are cleared, you can proceed with the booking. The slot / date can be blocked only once 50% payment is done.

We have mention approximate timing in the package details but our photography sessions are quite uncertain about the timings. We're completely okay with taking as many breaks as needed to help baby re-fuel. We do not rush the session. Baby's comfort and safety is our number one priority and we take care of it.

Our photo sessions are more about capturing moments and getting the right poses than counting on the number of clicks during the session. 

  • Each package session has a different number of clicks though, depending on the package selected. Out of the final images clicked, we shall shortlist the images (omitting some which we might not find worth sharing) for sharing with you.
  • You will get photos within 7 working days after your session.
  • The final edited + unedited high resolution digital images shall be delivered in a pen drive provided by us.

Loads of effort goes into capturing that exact moment and creating that one picture. So we, who are responsible for that beautiful creation, deserve that little effort of you tagging us. We would humbly request you to do your part. Go that extra mile, and mention our photo credits whenever you post a picture clicked by us on social media. 

Mini packages will contain the following: 

  • Raw unedited images in high resolution format
  • Final edited portraits in high resolution format 
  • Final prints 

Higher packages will contain the following: 

  • Raw unedited images in high resolution format 
  • Final edited portraits in high resolution format 
  • Final album

The album is a complimentary deliverable. The album shall be designed by us adding the final edited portraits of our choice. No changes can be requested for the same.

Yes you surely can. We do provide extra edits at the following charges: 

  • Extra image - rs.800/- 
  • Extra 2images - rs.1200/- 
  • Extra 5images - rs.2000/-
  • Our goal is delivering you the best edits, so we are taking 7 working days after your session to deliver all raw and edited images in a pen drive. 
  • Kindly note that at the time of festivals or in holidays we are having very heavy workload so the deliveries might be delayed by a couple of days.
  • All the raw data shall be deleted after one month of data delivery from our side. So you are highly recommended to keep multiple copies of  your data (out of which at least 1 copy should be in a laptop or computer system). 
  • We keep final edited portraits but if we lost it due to some technical reason we are not responsible for it. These memories are your lifetime investment so please take special care of them.
  • Yes, we do offer home base sessions within Surat. But we highly recommend you bringing the baby to the studio. The studio is perfectly designed and well equipped as per the baby and mommy's comfort and our new mommies absolutely love being at the studio within the relaxed environment. We are providing hotel stay facilities for our outstation clients.
  • We are also travelling out of Surat for our premium sessions. In which we will bring all our exclusive props and backdrops with us at your place. We are probably taking travelling, food and accommodation charges for outstation shoot as per travelling distance. 
  • We highly recommend that you schedule your newborn session prior to your baby's birth to ensure a spot on our portal’s calendar. Contact us during your pregnancy and we'll update you in.
  • Then, you may call us soon after you deliver so we can confirm the booking and schedule the session. Although we make every effort to fit in last-minute newborn session requests, our schedule fills up quickly and sometimes it is difficult to do so. Once you are on our calendar, you will be given priority. After your baby arrives, we will make sure to schedule your session within 2 weeks of birth. If your baby has already been born, we encourage you to call and inquire about a session. For toddler or cake smash shoot you need to book your slot before a week. 
  • The best time to schedule newborn sessions is within 2 weeks of baby birth. Babies are very flexible and womb like in the initial days of their life. Moreover, they are very sleepy and less active in these days and that's the reason we advise the parents “Earlier the Better” for the newborn sessions. Having said that, we do have an option of trying for the newborn poses within 3-4 weeks of baby's birth and if even that's not possible under certain circumstances we do offer older newborn sessions which can be scheduled anywhere from the 1st month to 4th month of baby's birth. 
  • Toddler and Cake smash shoot is best between the ages of 6th to 12th months.
  • Before scheduling your session it is important that you have taken time to look through our work in the references provided by us as well as the recent sessions on our Website, Instagram or Facebook, you can get a feel for our photography style. Our photographs are captured in very artistic manner with our handmade unique props and alluring collection of flowers! 
  • It's also important to have an understanding of our session pricing and deliverables before you book your slot. 

If you are from Surat then YES. But if you are outstation customer then you need to pay 50% advance for booking your slot. 

  • Yes and no. If the baby gets extremely fussy or gets sick during the session, we will extend our session as per slot availability. 
  • Normally, we will try our best to complete session in allocated slot time that’s why we are also having facilities like rest room especially for babies.
  • Yes, you can. But only if it is possible in a baby shoot. 
  • Our photographers are trained by professionals for the newborn shoot, so they will give poses according to baby’s comfort. You can definitely suggest some poses that you may have in your mind, which we shall need to discuss in advance before booking the session. 
  • We will make every attempt to get you what you want in terms of poses, however there are certain poses that in our own opinion would be unsafe or may be disrupt our course of session. We might refuse such poses. 

A special part of a baby shoot session is devoted to capturing the priceless images of a father and a mother with their precious babies. These are the images that can often touch the soul and are among our favorites to capture. You can add the parents as well as sibling and grandparents shots in your package. 

Yes, you can. Please connect with us in advance for discussing the charges for the same. 

Yes, we have various other options available. Photo frames, Canvas frames, Wooden memory box, Larger albums, Handcrafted 3D casting, Printed pillow etc. are sold separately.

YES, We are having India’s most wonderful location specially for family and teen children shoot called - “Pix’O’City”. Where we are providing different types of beautifully designed indoor and outdoor setups on rental base. 

For more info. Visit -

  • The payment can be done by cash, cheque, credit-debit card or by online transfer. The session fee is payable 50% in advance to secure your chosen date and slot. This is our policy and we request you to respect it.
  • Prices are subject to change without notice. Prices will be honored at the time of booking, so book today to lock in the current price list.

Fees are non-refundable but may be used for a future session in the event of an emergency with 24-hour notice. 

Even we love to feature all our images on our social media sites. 

But we have a special social media team who takes care of our uploads. We share our final edited images with our team and they take a call of posting these images at intervals. They have a logical reasoning behind what to upload and when. So, it's completely up to them to take a call on the same. We would try our best to upload most of our sessions on our blog though. 

  • First off, we have clicked beautiful images for you and your family, why would you want to shy away from those. Social media is like a big family these days and it would be an overwhelming experience to gets loads of likes and wonderful comments on your photos.
  • Almost all our clients are more than happy to have us post the final portraits and in fact eagerly wait for us to do so. When we first started our business, sharing images was paramount to our growth and success (and still remains to this day). It is only by sharing images that we are able to market our services, which results in getting new assignments. 
  • The fact is that most clients find us by seeing the work which we have posted online. 
  • Under the copyright act, photographs are protected by copyright from the moment of creation. We as
  • Photographer, have the exclusive right to reproduce our photographs. As per our rights, we shall be using the photographs for our personal promotions on our website and social media sites like Facebook, and Instagram. 

Advertising, exhibitions, display, etc. 

Eg. You shall need to mention photo credits in the name of  “Shital photo” on all your social media posts (for images clicked by us).